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Blending arts and senses, excellence and research. Going over every detail. Roasting lightly. Respecting the beans – and the individuals who savor specialty coffee.


Our team of friendly, experienced baristas pulls together our vision of a neighborhood coffee shop with amazing products in a down to earth atmosphere.


Whether you come here for your early morning coffee, looking for a quiet place to work, a business meeting or a leisurely brunch, we want you to treat Rise & Grind as your home away from home. 

Rise & Grind SF is a place for people who are passionate about coffee – where good runs deep. 


Rise & Grind is an independent coffee company conceptualized by people wanting to create a unique and exciting experience in coffee. For Rise & Grind this means sticking to our original ideas and not deviating from these. Our continuously changing menu highlights the incredible flavor of the different coffees we serve.


The foundations of our business model are driven by ethics, excellence, and research. We buy from local traders and make our buying decisions based purely on what is the very best coffee available – regardless of price.  


We invite you to engage with us about which coffee you might prefer! 


COffee & Tea

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"Coffee is a language in itself."