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Because of COVID-19, this is only a temporary menu. Please check back for a more extend food list! 


All the classics

DRIP COFFEE  -  Medium roast house coffee

COLD BREW  -  Brewed for 24-36 hours

CAFE AU LAIT  -  Drip coffee with steamed milk

ESPRESSO  -  Proudly serving Mr.Espresso

MACCHIATO  -  Double shot espresso topped with some foam

AMERICANO  -  Hot water and espresso

RED EYE  -  Drip coffee with espresso

ICED RED EYE  -  Cold brew with espresso

CAPPUCCINO  -  Espresso, a little milk, and a lot of foam

LATTE  -  Espresso, a lot of milk, and a little foam

VANILLA LATTE  -  Served hot or cold

HAZELNUT LATTE  -  Served hot or cold

SALTED CARAMEL LATTE  -  Served hot or cold

MOCHA  -  A latte with chocolate


Different flavors to explore

CREME BRULEE LATTE  -  Sweetened with caramel syrup and torched like a real creme brulee!

COOKIE BUTTER LATTE  -  Sweetened with Biscoff Cookie Butter

PEANUT BUTTER LATTE  -  Real organic peanut butter

HORCHATA LATTE  -  A creamy cinnamon milky beverage with espresso!

SPICY MOCHA  -  A tiny kick of spice with chocolate

BLACK SESAME LATTE - Nutty and sweet grounded up black sesame seeds 

ICED BLACK SESAME MATCHA -  A lovely combination of black sesame and green tea matcha

WHOPPER LATTE - Malted milk chocolate topped with crushed whopper pieces

ICED RICHMOND/MISSION CHILL - Our variation of a Vietnamese coffee

VANILLA COLD BREW - Made with vanilla beans and no added sugar

MINT COLD BREW - Made with our homemade mint syrup


Everything tea related

BLACK ICED TEA - Unsweetened

GREEN ICED TEA - Unsweetened


HOT BLACK TEA (options to choose)

HOT GREEN TEA (options to choose)

HOT NON-CAFFEINATED TEA (options to choose)

SWEET CHAI LATTE - powdered chai

SPICY CHAI LATTE - concentrated chai

LONDON FOG TEA LATTE - Earl Grey tea with steamed milk and sweetened with vanilla

SUNSET TEA LATTE - Chamomile Citrus tea with steamed milk and sweetened with vanilla 

MATCHA TEA LATTE - Organic green tea can be made sweetened or unsweetened


Items vary by location
Available until sold out

BREAKFAST SANDWICH - Bacon, egg, cheese, avocado, and sauce between a brioche bun

TURKEY SANDWICH - Turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheese, mayo, mustard and avocado, between a brioche bun

HOT PASTRAMI SANDWICH - Pastrami, sauerkraut, pickles, cheese, mayo, and mustard between a brioche bun 

AVOCADO TOAST - Fresh avocado with a little mayo on an artisan toast topped with a fried egg and chili flakes

Menu: Our Food
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